About Oxyzen

We are not just a brand, we are an umbrella that helps to keep you protected and healthy at all times. Our parent organization DJ Group has bridged everything so that you can enjoy every bit with your loved ones. Through Oxygen, we have come up with a proven and well-laid natural solution that will not only remove stains from soiled clothes but will keep your clothes fresh and new.

With the challenging chemical detergents that are sold in the market, we have created an overall fabric-friendly habitat so that it doesn’t hurt your clothes and their emotions/stories related to you.

We here flag to embark on new heights in various ways so that it touches your life in the most soothing yet simple manner. Our brand, commercial operations, and contribution to society are inching every moment for better and cleaner days.

We deliver the best cleaning and refreshing solution in the form of both detergent and liquid solvents that help your clothes experience optical brightness for sparkling whites and coloured clothes without hampering the natural hue.

Additionally, we come up with the best-driven solutions that are planned through research, discoveries, and innovation for fresh and crease-free days.

Happy housewoman hangs clean laundry on clothes line, does washing at home, busy with household duties holds mop, wears t shirt and rubber gloves, dries clothes, pegs out washing, smiles broadly

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