Oxyzen removes tough stains in first wash, in whichever format that best suits your needs. From washing powder to washing liquid, our detergents will help you remove even the most stubborn stains, while keeping your whites brilliant and your colours bright, load after load. Find the right Oxyzen detergent for you.

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Slide Line "When it comes to quality, Oxyzen detergent is the best one to pick. This is a great product for both washing machines and handwash. It doesn't contain any harsh chemicals." Medha Slide Line "My all- time favorite. Whether it is a stain of a sauce or ink or any oil, Oxyzen has a superb solution to deep-clean the stain in just one wash. Good Product for every home." Siddharth Sharma Slide Line "This is a well-developed cleaning agent that is not just granular but dissolves evenly in the water so that every fabric gets a new life. I would suggest you all for this." abhilasha Abhilasha Ghildiyal

Slide Line "This has a fresh smell that makes the clothes future-ready in every wash. Be it any formal meeting or personal party, getting dressed for the occasion is a must." Chetan Slide Line "Very good detergent, I prefer and like to recommend Oxyzen for its powerful stain-removing qualities. I like its fragrance and effect. Much appreciating." Aakriti Rana Slide Line "Products are especially great for heavily stained clothes in fully-automatic washing machines, providing you with a quick and effective clean." Ankit Sain
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